Intelligent Feeder

4-1-Intelligent Feeder

Based on IOT and AI, the Intelligent Feeder System has below merits :

1) Automatic control feeding process , decrease labor cost (especially at night) and ASF risk

2) Divide feeding process in proper phrases in each day , pig and system can react interactively .

3) Uploading feed accurately , only 2% tolerance comparing with 20% of regular feeding line

4) Management software provided is convenient for setting up feeding curve for each pigs and getting feeding result by several useful analysis reports .

5) Adopting simple and reliable transmitting technique~RFID , the keeper can use the hand-held termial to scan the ear tag firstly , and scan the counterpart of the system to record each pigs initial data , following the system manipulate the whole process by proper feeding curve (several options in system, can be custom-made by people either)  selected by management level of pig farm .


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