Company Profile

Headquartered in Shanghai, JOIN was founded in 2011, by a team of architectural engineers.  In the past seven years, through an integrated management strategy, the JOIN team has grown to more than 50 designers, in addition to the engineers, sales team, and factory teams.     
Located in Qingdao, JOIN’s sales team and factory rely upon an integrated management system that provides all-round service to customers, from pre-sale to post-sale service.  The subsidiary company, Qing Dao JOIN Steel Structure Co., Ltd, offers turn-key service for Steel structure manufacturing for industrial use, Agri-value buildings, and Pre-fabricated houses for private estates.  The outstanding engineers, located in our Shanghai headquarter office, manage the fabrication workshop and provide turn-key service to our customers.

Container houses are designed and developed according to the size of a standard shipping container.  They are heat and waterproof, and are widely used as offices, meeting rooms, dormitories, shops, booths, toilets,showers, storage facilities, kitchens, etc. They can be ordered to be well decorated  inside and shipped as one unit.  Additional installation options include lifting, assembing, and heat and waterproofing, which has a service life of up to 20 years. Container houses offer an easy, cost-efficient, environmentally sensitive option to traditional housing.  You can move in immediately after assembly.  Technical parameters: Size – GP20, GP40, and HP…

Light Steel Structure Prefabricated Houses are constructed through integrated production processes and include on-the-spot assembly.  The basic structure is comprised of thin-walled, cold-formed steel components, structural panels, thermal insulation, and decorative materials.  Product characteristics are designed to offer an energy efficient, low environmental impact, convenient, fast, safe, and practical housing alternative.

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